Extravagant Intimacy | Watch last night’s service | Powerful soaking in God’s presence

Watch last night’s service NOW! Extravagant Intimacy

imageWe had audio issues last night during the live stream, but they have been resolved. You can watch the worship and teaching NOW, and it sounds great!

The presence of God was so sweet, and I’m sure you’ll feel that as well as you watch.

WATCH HERE: theFurnace – Extravagant Intimacy Part 2

theFurnace – Extravagant Intimacy Part 2 from John Burton on Vimeo.


Join us THIS MONDAY at 7pm for worship, teaching and some great discussion.

We are currently in a video series by John Bevere. Trust me, it’s GOOD.

If you aren’t in the Detroit area, you can, as always, watch online at www.thefurnace.tv/live.

Live video streaming at theFurnace | The Main Event is tonight at 7pm ET

imageWatch our primary service TONIGHT via video streaming at 7pm ET!

First, watch last night’s School of Prayer. It was a powerful night with practical teaching on how to have extreme success in prayer.

We then modeled what was taught in prayer. You are SURE to learn a lot! WATCH HERE.

theFurnace • School of Prayer • Mighty in Prayer


Watch tonight’s service at www.thefurnace.tv/live!

theFurnace exists to gather forerunners who are united in the mandate to initiate reformation in the church and revival in the region. As carriers of the fire of God, we are single-minded in our mission to rally a generation that will embrace the cross of Christ, pursue radical holiness, engage in fervent prayer, live a life of repentance and experience both the freedom and the fear of the Lord.

You can DOWNLOAD NOTES and follow along with tonight’s message by clicking on “Extravagant Intimacy” under the Teaching Notes section next to the media player at www.thefurnace.tv/live.

“The coming moves of God will require nothing short of a revolution of our current structures, models and mindsets. Not an adjustment or an enhancement, but deep reform. The resulting fire and presence of the Holy Spirit will cause us to marvel and wonder why we ever resisted at all.”- John Burton, based on his book 20 Elements of Revival



The School of Prayer TONIGHT at theFurnace | Watch LIVE via video at 7pm


The School of Prayer launches TONIGHT at theFurnace at 7pm! Stream LIVE VIDEO!


If you are in the Detroit region, join us in person for a night of worship, training in prophetic prayer and then a time of corporate intercession.

Encounter God and experience his love and passion for you! When we pray, EVERYTHING changes!

You’ll discover the power of effective, fervent prayer and will fall in love with Jesus afresh!

theFurnace is located at 26091 Sherwood, Warren, MI 48091.

Stream the video LIVE at www.thefurnace.tv/live.

See YOU tonight!

Introducing: The School of Prayer & The School of Revival at theFurnace

The School of Prayer and the School of Revival are launching at theFurnace—locally and via video online!

First, you can check out a short VIDEO PODCAST I recorded at theFurnace. It will give you an idea of what to expect in our culture.

theFurnace Podcast


EVERY FRIDAY, beginning tomorrow, at 7pm ET THE SCHOOL OF PRAYER will take place at theFurnace.

You can join us locally at 26091 Sherwood Avenue, Warren, MI 48091 OR via video online at www.thefurnace.tv/live.

I or one of my amazing staff members will be training in prophetic, effective and governmental prayer followed with a season of intercession.


EVERY MONDAY at 7pm THE SCHOOL OF REVIVAL will be held, locally and online.

We will be teaching through my book 20 Elements of Revival as we prepare a people ready for revival!

(Our current series by John Bevere has three weeks remaining, so the new session will begin on October 6th.)


EVERY SATURDAY at 7pm we will have our main event with intercession, teaching and prophetic decrees!

All three nights will be available live on video each week beginning TOMORROW!


Brand New ebook! Shock Christianity: Prepare to be Stunned by Love

Shock-Christianity-PaperbackWe are seeing the beginning of the greatest movement of love the world has ever known—and the greatest confusion about love in history.


In our self-centered, narcissistic generation, the demand for others to respond rightly to us seems to be overwhelming the command to respond rightly to others.

In ministry I have had the unfortunate opportunity to witness people spinning out time and time again when they aren’t affirmed the way they think they should be. The enemy is offering his anointing of accusation to wounded people so they can point a finger and identify failures in others. The truth is that most often they simply don’t understand what love really looks like in the Kingdom.

It’s extremely easy to point out self-defined lack in another’s life with the accusation that they are not acting in love. This is an accusation that I and many other aggressive & prophetic leaders, who shock and rock and tear down idols and altars, have received more than once.

The problem? There’s confusion about what love is. True love will often shock us, and we are most certainly in a time when that jolt must come.